About Us

Artistic Holiday Designs began as a design firm seeking to change holiday decor. Our experience in holiday lighting as an installation company, led our team to seek out innovative and unique decor options for our clients. Whether a commercial client looking for non-denominational illuminations or a city art district looking for abstract illuminations, we were typically stuck with ordinary, traditional decor.

In March 2015 we partnered with Leblanc Illuminations as their sole distributor for the US market. Our creativity combined with their mastery of products allows us to be a force in the world of holiday decor. Changing the typical landscape of Christmas lights to dynamic, captivating displays.

Our goal on every illumination project is to develop a destination that creates and captures an audience. We are able to meet this goal by providing innovative decor, reliable technical products, exceptional service, and a revolutionary team of individuals focused on shifting the magic of holiday decor.



Our manufacturer, Leblanc Illuminations has partners around the world with presence in over 40 countries. Each year, our global team decorates in over 10,000 cities! Leblanc runs three factories with over 160 employees. 11 of these employees are product developers and graphic designers. Leblanc is celebrated its 60th year in business with over 1,400 catalog products and the ability to create custom decor.

Picture of world-wide team


Each year we gather as a global team to review new products and brainstorm ideas. At each conference we enjoy free time learning about markets in other countries and visiting our factory in Le Mans, France. Our diverse team draws influence from each other creating innovative solutions to any project.



Derek Norwood, DerekN@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Derek started in the holiday lighting business in 1999 and has built several firms specific to the lighting industry: Holiday Creations Pro. Inc, Artistic Holiday Designs, and Amaze Light Festivals. As the lead for any project, Derek ensures all aspects of design, fabrication, delivery, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage are fulfilled to the expectations of our clients.

Samantha Barkus, SamanthaB@artisticholidaydesigns.com

Sara Basch, SaraB@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Creative Director
Responsible for maintaining a complete and effective design process including client meetings, concepts, design, production, fabrication, follow-up and product satisfaction. Sara has 20 years of experience in visual communications, marketing, and holiday lighting.

Sonya Bakrou, SonyaB@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Purchasing Director
Sonya is based in Le Mans, France and oversees all aspects of our production with Leblanc Illuminations. She is the key to our seamless process of design, production, logistics, and export. Sonya has 22 years experience in project management, implementation, and import/export. She also speaks French, English, Spanish, and Arabic. 

Renee Hebert, ReneeH@artisticholidaydesigns.com 
National Sales Director
With more than 10 years of experience in the commercial holiday decor industry as well as a strong background in client relationships and OEM work, Renee also brings experience with theatrical and production lighting to our team. She loves working with clients to help their wishes come true and is extremely focused on maintaining strong relationships.

Oscar Peterson, Oscar@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Regional Operations Manager Midwest
Fully trained by our manufacturer, Leblanc Illuminations, Oscar oversees product development and installation of all decor. Oscar has 12 years of experience in turnkey decor, holiday lighting, and installation.

Mat Kronquist, MathewK@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Regional Operations Manager Southwest
Mat Kronquist has 18 years experience in the Christmas lighting and decorating industry. From small projects to multi-million dollar displays. There is not a project too large for his team of 50+ trained professionals to handle. Mat and his team are involved with Project Management, Sales, and R&D. Fully trained with Leblanc style European decor, Mat works with and trains new industry professionals expanding the Artistic Holiday Designs network of installers.

Connor Graham, ConnorG@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Regional Operations Manager Southeast
Connor started with Artistic in 2019 to handle the expanding Southeast market. He has 8 years of experience in the Christmas lighting and decor industry. Connor and his team are involved with Project Management, Installation and Client Success. Being fully trained with Leblanc decor, along with his dedication to ensuring successful long term relationships with our clients, Connor fits right in with the AHD family.

Amanda Branning, AmandaB@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Operations Manager South Whitley

Jeremiah Johnston, JeremiahJ@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Warehouse Manager South Whitley

Jim Doron, JimD@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Logistics Manager

Jinny Healy, JinnyH@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Pricing Specialist / Office Manager

Michelle Shively, MichelleS@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Digital Design Specialist

Vince Colubmia, VinceC@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Lead Project Manager

Jordan Murray, Jordan@HCLights.com
Project Manager

Steve Smith, SteveS@artisticholidaydesigns.com
Project Manager

Mary Zaller, MaryZ@artisticholidaydesigns.com

Laura McFadden, LauraM@artisticholidaydesigns.com