Loomie Augmented Reality App


Loomie is an augmented reality app for smartphones (Android and IOS), downloadable from the App Store and Play Store. Define specific areas within your event where the app can work. Artistic Holiday Designs can provide signage with a QR code to quickly download the app. After downloading the free app, visitors have access to a variety of interactive 3D games that can only be played within the limits of your event.

Play 3 Games

Take Selfies

8 Filters

Share Your Photos


  • entertain visitors thru immersive technology
  • create interactivity with your lighting display
  • automatically promote your lighting event
  • visitors share digital greeting cards
  • easily add sponsorship within the program
  • remarketing your event
  • app is free to download


The goal of this app is to create a buzz while inviting visitors to share thousands of pictures stamped with your event logo or sponsor logo! Thanks to its simplicity and built-in shareability, the app encourages media sharing across the internet and social networks.

Sign up today for this Free App to share at your event. Our team will work with you to determine the activation dates, gps coordinates where the app will work, and points of interest to play the games.

Thank your for signup. We will email you further instructions.
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