Two-sided Chalkboard Sign
Chalkboard sign folded flat

Chalkboard Sign

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This sandwich style chalkboard sign is double-sided making it easy to display your Christmas market menu, holiday events or Santa visit details.

The A-frame chalkboard sign is easy to move and has a nice weight of 12.1lbs to help withstand winds. The two chalkboards are linked by a chain making it easier to fold and more durable than a chalkboard with a brace that can be easily damaged with use.

Create your holiday event designs on the chalkboard section with liquid chalk or solid chalk.

Size Folded:
H 40in x W 20in
Size Extended:
H 37.8 in x W 20in
Size of Chalkboard Area:
H 26.8 in x W 15.7in 

Weight: 12.1lbs

$70.00 / $98.00

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