Chicago Train
Chicago Train
Chicago Train
Chicago Train
Chicago Train

Chicago Train

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Hop on board our train where no tracks are needed offering an eco-friendly and flexible adventure. Just add our Chicago Train to your next holiday event for an unforgettable experience. You can generate revenue via ticket sales or offer trains rides as a complementary service. This iconic train is manufactured by what many professionals consider as a top pick in the train industry market.

The Chicago Train is perfect for spaces where operations are limited such as resorts, shopping centers, city parks, zoos, holiday festivals, and many other locations. You can use this train inside or outside with our battery-powered locomotive. Our locomotive and 4 wagons offer a capacity of 24 children or 18 adults and kids. It has a timeless design and superior maneuverability making it easy to operate. An operation manual is included for all drivers to read and understand prior to use. It also includes a fog generator to provide realistic looking steam just like the large steam engine locomotives. Other train features include a steam whistle, sound in motion, bell, and a public address system.

Trains have a timeless, irresistible charm that appeals to kids and seniors making our Chicago Train an enjoyable experience at your holiday festivities. Contact us to learn more.

Weight: 2,685lbs

$10,000.00 / $28,000.00

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Additional Specifications Below:


Width: 44.13 in

Length: 114 in

Height: 69.5 in

Weight: 1650 lb + driver

Battery pack 8 lead-acid, 6 Volts, 225 AH

Charger 120/230 V AC universal charger

Autonomy 16 hours indoor; 12 hours outdoor (based on 50% usage ratio)

Recharge 8 to 10 hours

Maximum speed 3.8 mph

Motor/drive Electric AC motor, 12 hp, 5th generation e-Pedal drive



Width: 32.28 in

Length: 59.25 in; caboose 63.25 in

Height: 64.25 in

Weight: wagons 258 lb

Max. load wagons 450 lb / wagon



Length: 34.8 ft (locomotive + coalwagon + 2 passenger wagons + caboose)

Weight: 2685 lb (locomotive + coal, + 2 wagons + caboose)

Capacity Approximately 24 small children or approximately 18 adults and children = 1794 pounds

Grade Max 7% (loaded) or 4 degrees

U-turn U-turn capability: 18 ft (wall to wall)